• Service Requests


  • Please review this list for common questions regarding maintenance issues. Regardless of location, over 75% of the service calls placed are for items that fall under the “Tenant Obligations” section of your lease.

    If your question is not answered or problem resolved after reviewing this list, then feel free to submit a service request.

    Please keep in mind that if we do come out and find that the problem involved a tenant responsibility item, there will be a minimum service call fee of $75.00.


  • Garbage disposer is not working - please download this PDF file which discusses in detail how to get your disposer working again.

    Burned out light bulb - It is the tenant's responsibility to replace all burned out light bulbs.

    • City View residents - the recessed bulbs are a special pin fluorescent plug in type. To remove the bulb, just pull it straight out of the socket. The replacement bulb model # is PL-T 26W/41/4P.

    Electrical outlet(s) in the kitchen/bath/exterior not working - GFCI Circuits - all electric outlets in the bathrooms, kitchen and outdoors are controlled by special circuits called GFCI's. If you are experiencing any problems with the electric outlets in these areas, you will need to check all GFCI outlets. These outlets have a special reset button located on the face of the outlet that will need to be pushed in to reset the breaker. This should correct the problem.

    Smoke detector battery needs replacement - When the smoke detector starts to make a "chirping" sound, the 9 volt battery in the unit will need to be replaced.

    • Ballston Crest and Lincoln Court - Gently push up on the smoke detector while turning counter clockwise. Only a very small turn is required to release the smoke detector from its mount. Unplug the smoke detector and open the small door that contains the battery. Replace the battery and reinstall the smoke detector. If it is the smoke detector on the loft level, please submit a service request and we will handle battery replacement. 
    • Abingdon Court and City View - There is a small door on the face of the unit that houses the battery. Slide this door open to reveal the battery. Unplug the battery, replace with a new one, reinstall the battery and slide the door closed.  If it is the smoke detector on the loft level, please submit a service request and we will handle the battery replacement.

    Ice/Water filter replacement - Refrigerators at Abingdon Court, Ballston Crest and City View have ice/water filters located inside the refrigerator. If the filter requires replacement during your tenancy, it is your responsibility to purchase and replace this filter.

    Heating/Air Conditioning system filter replacement - Replacing the HVAC filters every 2 months will keep your energy costs lower and provide for better operation. Most hardware stores and Home Depot carry filters.

    Clearing a backed up toilet - This is a tenant responsibility and most often resolved by using a plunger. Very rarely will it involve anything more.

  • If your service problem is not resolved from the above list, then please submit details of your situation using the following button. We will contact you about your service problem as quickly as possible.

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  • If you have water leaking anywhere in your unit, please click the button below.

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