• Future Availabilities

  • For those of you who are inquiring whether we'll have a unit available for rent at some future point in time - we have no way of knowing what will be available in the future until one of our current tenants informs us that they will not be renewing their lease.

    As of now, we have not heard of anything that will be available other than what is currently listed on our availability page. Unfortunately, we do not maintain waiting lists for any property or community.

    Typically, we will know 60 days in advance of when a unit will become available.

    For a lease beginning Start looking on our web site beginning
    May 1st The last week of February
    June 1st The last week of March
    July 1st The last week of April
    August 1st The last week of May
    September 1st The last week of June

    We manage over 60 townhouses in the Ballston, Virginia Square and Courthouse areas of Arlington, Virginia. All of our leases renew/become available from May 1st through September 1st of each year.

    Most months we will have 3-5 units available. Prices are expected to range from $4,200 for 2BR units, $5,400 for 3BR units and $6,300 for 4BR units for this leasing season. These prices are minimums and certain units will be higher.